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We’re the Neubeks &

We’re romantics.

We love celebrating, being in, and photographing love. we have a lot of fun together. We love art, technology, meeting cool people and spending time with them. We might occasionally binge-watch Netflix…with a pint of ice cream…each.


Capturing moments that make people go “Whoa!” makes us ridiculously happy. Happiness is good — it’s even better when shared.



1. There are two of us

Practically, this means we’re able to multi-task and cover things from two different angles. The real benefit to having the two of us working together, though, is that we’re married — we communicate on another level.  

Reasons to Work with Neubek Photographers

2. We’re Artists

We bring our unique perspectives and personalities to the table so we can give you shots you wouldn’t get from just anyone. We love playing with light and focus to ensure we’re commemorating your individuality and style in an artful way.

Reasons to Work with Neubek Photographers -- We are Artists

3. We’re Storytellers

Your wedding photos should be about more than just individual moments; they should add up to tell your unique, beautiful story. That’s where we come in — we make sure to faithfully capture your story as it unfolds.

Reasons to Work with Neubek Photographers -- We are Storytellers

4. We’re fun

We take our jobs seriously, but one of our top priorities is to make sure you’re having fun, because getting your pictures taken should be fun!! (That’s Matt with the hat on in the photo, by the way…) 😉

Reasons to Work with Neubek Photographers -- We are Fun

5. We’re not afraid to get dirty

We often get the coolest shots by lying on the ground, getting knee deep in the water, or climbing a tree, so it’s not unusual to find us in any of those places. It’s our job to make your photos look amazing, whatever it takes.

Reasons to Work with Neubek Photographers -- We aren't afraid to get dirty

6. We respect your personal space

Sometimes great photos come from being close-range, but we always make sure to discuss clear boundaries beforehand so everyone knows what’s comfortable and what isn’t.

Reasons to Work with Neubek Photographers -- We respect your personal space

7. We take pride in what we do

It’s clear in every photo we show you. We want our photographs to help you relive the joy, laughter, and love you felt on your day for years to come.

Reasons to Work with Neubek Photographers -- We take pride

8. We want you to look your best

We keep an eye out for the little details, so you don’t have to worry. Whether a curl is out of place, your jacket’s misbuttoned, or your fly’s down, we’ve got you covered.

Reasons to Work with Neubek Photographers -- We pay attention to details

11 reasons to work with Neubek Photographers


We love it when our clients give us “to do” lists, detailing the moments they don’t want us to miss. We’re happy to work with wedding planners and without them — we’ll make sure everything on our end is organized, either way.

Reasons to Work with Neubek Photographers -- Details are important



10. We prepare. Obsessively.

We’ve seen it all, so we prepare for it all, too. We come armed with everything from extra batteries to tissues so that every eventuality can be conquered.

Reasons to Work with Neubek Photographers -- We come prepared

11. We’re always learning

We’re never complacent with the knowledge we have now — we’re always reading up, studying tech manuals, sharing cool photos with each other, and testing out new techniques so that we can always be our best selves.

Reasons to Work with Neubek Photographers -- We are always learning

Meet Meli(ssa)

I was born and raised in Boston (go Pats!!), and I’ve been shooting professionally since 2011, when I graduated from the Center for Digital Imaging Arts at Boston University with a degree in digital photography. My love of cameras and art, however, came well before that.

When I was 8, on a school field trip to the Audubon society, I took a lot of pictures of flowers. When I got the disposable camera developed, my mom saw the photos and told me “Pictures are no good if they don’t have people in them.” Disheartened, I spent the next decade trying to only take pictures of people. Obviously it served me well, since it’s turned into my real-life passion and I get to call it my job now, so… thanks, Mom! (For the record, taking pictures without people in them is totally fine and I still do that sometimes, too).

I’m currently a student at Florida Gulf Coast University (go Eagles!), majoring in journalism (I love writing and am fascinated by the news), and minoring in digital media studies (designing things digitally is very cool).

I love cooking; one day I’ll write and photograph a cookbook and it’ll be awesome. I also enjoy editing books and putting my affinity for accurate grammar to good use.

My family is from Venezuela, so I’m fluent in Español, love salsa dancing, and enjoy making guacamole.

Meet Matt

I was born in Chicago but moved to Naples when I was five, so I’ve lived in paradise pretty much my whole life. My love for photography started when my dad bought me my first D-SLR for a trip to Europe — I read the manual from front to back and taught myself what every button and knob did.

After spending many years pursuing photography as a hobby, I met Meli, and it just seemed right to do this thing together.

I have my BA in philosophy and MS in applied mathematics. I like poetry and deep conversation, usually around a bonfire with a good cigar. I teach young adults how to do math at Florida Gulf Coast University, though given that the vast majority of 18-year olds don’t really care for algebra and calculus, I have more fun getting to be somewhat of a life coach for them.

I love cars — I have a street-legal dune buggy, which is extremely cool. I also love road biking; every year I make an effort to do a charity ride of some sort.

One of my favorite pastimes of all is making Meli laugh until she can’t breathe, which is a really good time for everyone involved.

While my family is not from any Spanish-speaking country, I happen to speak very good Spanish, a skill I had honed prior to meeting Meli, which comes in handy quite a bit now.

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