We’re Here for You
We’re Here for You
We respect the singularity of your day — it’s yours. We work hard to make sure you can enjoy every moment with the confidence that your memories will be photographed perfectly, artfully, and easily.
11 reasons to work with Neubek Photographers

1. There are two of us

Practically, this means we’re able to multi-task and cover things from two different angles. The real benefit to having the two of us working together, though, is that we’re married — we communicate on another level.

Reasons to Work with Neubek Photographers

11 reasons to work with Neubek Photographers

2. We’re Artists

We bring our unique perspectives and personalities to the table so we can give you shots you wouldn’t get from just anyone. We love playing with light and focus to ensure we’re commemorating your individuality and style in an artful way.

Reasons to Work with Neubek Photographers -- We are Artists
11 reasons to work with Neubek Photographers

3. We’re Storytellers

Your wedding photos should be about more than just individual moments; they should add up to tell your unique, beautiful story. That’s where we come in — we make sure to faithfully capture your story as it unfolds.

Reasons to Work with Neubek Photographers -- We are Storytellers
11 reasons to work with Neubek Photographers

4. We’re fun

We take our jobs seriously, but one of our top priorities is to make sure you’re having fun, because getting your pictures taken should be fun!! (That’s Matt with the hat on in the photo, by the way… 😉

Reasons to Work with Neubek Photographers -- We are Fun
11 reasons to work with Neubek Photographers

5. We’re not afraid to get dirty

We often get the coolest shots by lying on the ground, getting knee deep in the water, or climbing a tree, so it’s not unusual to find us in any of those places. It’s our job to make your photos look amazing, whatever it takes.

Reasons to Work with Neubek Photographers -- We aren't afraid to get dirty
11 reasons to work with Neubek Photographers

6. We respect your personal space

Sometimes great photos come from being close-range, but we always make sure to discuss clear boundaries beforehand so everyone knows what’s comfortable and what isn’t.

Reasons to Work with Neubek Photographers -- We respect your personal space
11 reasons to work with Neubek Photographers

7. We take pride in what we do

It’s clear in every photo we show you. We want our photographs to help you relive the joy, laughter, and love you felt on your day for years to come.

Reasons to Work with Neubek Photographers -- We take pride
11 reasons to work with Neubek Photographers

8. We want you to look your best

We keep an eye out for the little details, so you don’t have to worry. Whether a curl is out of place, your jacket’s misbuttoned, or your fly’s down, we’ve got you covered.

Reasons to Work with Neubek Photographers -- We pay attention to details
11 reasons to work with Neubek Photographers

9. We know details are important

We love it when our clients give us “to do” lists, detailing the moments they don’t want us to miss. We’re happy to work with wedding planners and without them — we’ll make sure everything on our end is organized, either way.

Reasons to Work with Neubek Photographers -- Details are important
11 reasons to work with Neubek Photographers

10. We prepare. Obsessively.

We’ve seen it all, so we prepare for it all, too. We come armed with everything from extra batteries to tissues so that every eventuality can be conquered.

Reasons to Work with Neubek Photographers -- We come prepared
11 reasons to work with Neubek Photographers

11. We’re always learning

We’re never complacent with the knowledge we have now — we’re always reading up, studying tech manuals, sharing cool photos with each other, and testing out new techniques so that we can always be our best selves.

Reasons to Work with Neubek Photographers -- We are always learning

Neubek Photographers Testimonial by Betsy G
testimonials“Neubek Photographers did an outstanding job capturing my son’s surprise engagement at sunset on the beach in Naples. Meli & Matt went out of their way to make sure every detail was done to perfection, including scoping out the exact time and best beach several days before the proposal based on the sun setting light. The photos are fabulous and they were incredible to deal with, so fun, great value, and reliable. They even thought to bring the champagne glasses that we forgot! I would highly recommend them for capturing any important life event! Thank you so much for capturing all the wonderful emotion of a fabulous night!”

– Betsy G.


Neubek Photographers Testimonial by Pherooz K 
testimonials“Neubek Photographers did a fantastic job with both our engagement and wedding pictures. They really proved their mettle with first class service, attention to detail and fabulous photographs. Most importantly, they brought a sense of fun and ease leading to memories we treasure. We highly recommend them to anyone who wants an memorable experience and wonderful photographs!”

– Pherooz K.

 Neubek Photographers Testimonial by Baker M
testimonials“Meli and Matt took pictures of us to use for the promotion of our new business (and some to frame for family, as well). The Neubeks are a fun, energetic couple who made the shoot really enjoyable and comfortable for very natural shots. We can’t thank them enough for working with us early in the morning to get the best beach lighting. They gave us some seriously amazing photos.”

– Baker G.

 Neubek Photographers Testimonial by Andrew M
testimonials“Fantastic experience… Matt and Meli were prompt, creative, and patient with our family as we had beach shots taken on Marco Island. Very personable and professional. We took several shots, some posing, some candid… and the photos are fabulous. We are more than pleased with the results and the total experience was great. They were very interactive and brought out the best smiles in all of us (kids included, which is not always easy). I highly recommend Neubek Photographers and would hire them again for any photography needs.”

– Andrew M.

Neubek Photographers Testimonial by Alyson B 
testimonials“I did my first ever photo shoot with Melissa. I met Melissa through a mutual friend and decided to cross completing a photo shoot off my bucket list! Looking back, there’s no one else that I would have trusted and/or felt comfortable with besides Melissa. She truly did an outstanding job at making me feel comfortable and taking lead of the session. Her photography skills are remarkable! I used the photo shoot pictures for a handcrafted Christmas present for friends and family. They turned out amazing! All of her prices were reasonable as well, which is always a plus. I highly recommend her!”

– Alyson B.

Neubek Photographers Testimonial by Laura S 
testimonials“Neubek Photographers are that coveted (and rare) combination of wonderful humans AND wonderful professionals. I have worked with Melissa Neubek on photography projects for roughly five years, including my engagement shoot. She has a keen eye for the shots that are naturally, candidly, beautiful- without being pretentious or generic. In a world full of Pinterest and Instagram, Neubek Photographers are refreshingly original.”

– Laura S.

Neubek Photographers Testimonial by Elizabeth F
testimonials“Melissa took our engagement pictures. We had a great time taking them. Melissa was simultaneously professional and fun. She had an eye for places and for poses that looked natural. Her pictures captured a special time in our lives.”

– Elizabeth F.

Neubek Photographers Testimonial by VJ D
testimonials“This review is well over due, but Melissa and Matt Neubek with Neubek Photographers is AMAZING!! Over the last couple of years my wife and I got married and started a family and luckily we found Neubek Photography just in time to capture every moment!! WE COULD NOT HAVE BEEN HAPPIER WITH THEIR WORK!!


– VJ D.

Neubek Photographers Testimonial by Christy E
testimonials“We chose Neubek Photography for our reception photos, since I’ve known Melissa for YEARS and have also hired her for other photos as well. (As well as done friend-type, hanging out things with her. She’s so fun. :)) Matt and Melissa together are a FANTASTIC pairing, and their eye for the best shot is amazing. They are both creative, open minded and super friendly, which made for a seamless special day for me! They set up this killer photo booth too, which was a complete hit for our guests. There are so many decisions to make when you get married, and photos to me is one of the decisions that can be the most stressful. Go with Neubek Photographers and then go focus on other items on your to-do list! Totally worth it.

– Christy E.

Neubek Photographers Testimonial by Flora D
testimonials“Meli and Matt are one of a kind. My sisters and I just finished another one of our annual photoshoots with Neubek Photographers and the results are phenomenal. They are such a great team and are lots of fun to work with. They both really know what they’re doing and it comes through in the finished product, which is always beautifully edited in a timely fashion. Did I mention how much fun they are!? Every experience is more enjoyable than the last. You’d be stupid not to work with these two. Seriously.

– Flora D.


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