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Almost 5 months ago, Steven’s Mom got in touch with us. Steven was planning to propose to his long-time girlfriend, Liz, in February, on the beach in Naples. They wanted it to be photographed. We were immediately super excited.

At first, it seemed like the day was never going to arrive. Slowly, the “Surprise Engagement shoot!” on my calendar loomed closer and closer. Finally, when last week began, the whole thing got real. Super excitement turned into super super excitement.

Betsy, Steven and I had been meticulously planning via covert email and phone calls how the day was going to go down. Every last detail, down to the minute. We knew the sun was setting at 6:26, so Matt and I headed down to the beach on a few different nights with our gear in tow to determine when the best time would be for the whole operation to go down.

I determined that between 6:06 and 6:10 would be ideal. Steven is a rule-follower, and it definitely paid off. What an exciting story to tell!! We love what we do!

I introduce you to February 26, 2016, on the 8th Avenue beach in Naples, Florida. Enjoy!!!

Surprise Naples Beach Engagement Photography - Steven proposing to Liz
Surprise Naples Beach Engagement Photography - Steven and Liz
Surprise Naples Beach Engagement Photography
Surprise Naples Beach Engagement Photography with friends toasting
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