We’ve been looking forward to this week for over a year now. Racheli & Adam’s wedding week!! Their wedding is this coming Thursday, but this past Sunday, they had a henna celebration. When we were booking travel for this, I told Racheli that Matt wouldn’t be able to make it until the day before the wedding, but that I had to come out earlier to shoot the Henna. & I’m so glad I did!

If you’re like me, when you think of henna, you assume the beautiful designs that you see at Indian weddings, but this is totally different. As described on Racheli & Adam’s wedding website: “Traditionally, Henna ceremonies are pre-wedding parties common among middle eastern jews. Henna is a plant based dye that stains the palms of the bride to be (and often other guests celebrating the marriage). In the Jewish community, henna is thought to ward off the evil eye and to symbolize fertility.” Sweet.

So, just 48 hours ago, we warded off the evil eye and danced the night away. It was such a great party and if it was any indication as to what the wedding dance floor is gonna look like, I’M PUMPED!!!

Something to note — from a technical photography standpoint — Racheli went into this with “no expectations” of what kind of photos she’d get; so, I took advantage of this and went total ninja creepily shooting from the corners of the room and pushing the capabilities of my camera to shoot in SUPER low light without any additional flash for as long as possible. I don’t often get to do this, but with the venue being a dark-lit bar (the bar where they met, by the way!), I thought the graininess could look really cool and I am happy with the result! I did bust out the flash to ensure I could slow down motion to capture some sweet dancing shots, but mostly, I just went about capturing moments as I saw them unfolding. I seriously love capturing events like this.


^^Uhh, how sick is that crystal crown though?! Want purple one, puhleez!

^Does it get more stylish than them though?

^^ on the way to Busby’s, the bar where these 2 met. Adam surprised Racheli by having the marquee personalized for them and, yes, it says “Adakm” because that’s how Racheli accidentally saved him in her phone many moons ago and, so… you get it.

^A lil’ detail action. Racheli’s momma took the helm on decorating the space and it looked sweet. Those are all kaftans, which are traditional overdresses that are used in many different cultures worldwide. Racheli’s Dad even brought some with him from Israel.

^Meet Sammy, Racheli’s brother.

^See “like mother, like son” — Sammy was checking basketball scores, I’m pretty sure… OK ARE YOU READY FOR DANCING & HENNA!?

^Far bottom right: meet Racheli’s Dad. He’s honestly the best dancer.

Henna also = lots of Moroccan cookies…

Ok, ok. I leave you now to enjoy the remainder of the night without my commentary. And I dare you not to be jealous you weren’t there the whole way through…