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If you’re just here for pretty pictures, they are just a scroll down the page, but if you’re here because you like stories, too… Then, please, read on for a bit. 🙂

My name is Meli. I’ve started and stopped blogging multiple times in my short life, but this time… I’m excited to stick around. My husband, Matt, and I love to shoot people in their natural element, especially when they’re in love. We’ll be posting pretty pictures of couples, families, babies; humans of all types, pretty much.

We love to tell stories through photos, but I’ll always include a bit of a story, too.  Today’s story is a little about us and a little about Jess & Jon. Enjoy!

Becoming Naples Wedding Photographers…

When we first started shooting weddings together in Naples (October, 2015), we were ready to take the world by storm, but quickly realized that would not just be easy to do. Which is totally fine because we like a good challenge, BUT we had to start somewhere. And that somewhere was Naples and the beach. Without those 2 things in our portfolio, we couldn’t expect anybody looking for a Naples wedding photographer to take us seriously, right?!

So, I present to you… Jess and Jon.

Jess and Jon are dear friends of ours and they are beautiful people. They are both originally from Massachusetts, but have spent the better part of their lives in Naples. I asked them if they were willing to get back in their wedding attire and to traipse around Naples making out—with us as their paparazzi—and they were all about it. Thank goodness, because if not, none of the following magic would have occurred.

Just like anywhere in the world, Naples has its locations its known for… 5th Ave and the Pier are two of the big ones, so we made sure to hit those. Jess & Jon are huge Red Sox fans, so we made sure to stop by Shea’s at Landsdowne, too, where they let Jess & Jon pour their own beers.

It was Jess’s idea to trash the dress and for anyone who’s wondering: she got it dry cleaned the next day and besides the pound of sand that came out of it, it was perfectly fine.

Last & certainly not least… Thanks to the following vendors for participating and making this happen!

Hair: Duality Artistry

Makeup: Nancy Joseph

Jewelry: Crystals in the Sand

We hope you enjoy!

Wine is a way of life at Jess&Jon’s, so these corks were perfect for the rings.

We had this ^^ printed as a 5-foot tall canvas… It’s epic.

 In the middle of 5th Ave. 🙂

I dare you to not smile while looking at this photo. ^^

 We were like… “get in that phone booth; it’s so cool!” Thank God we got a cool shot, because it was also TINY and hilarious to watch them maneuver their way in.

 We were stoked to have actual surf… Usually we don’t get that on the gulf coast. Rarely do we ever have surfers, either!


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