Holy hell… Let me just tell you… blogging can be a real biatch sometimes… I don’t plan to take too long, considering my frustration with how long its taken me to get to this point: the point where no photos wish to upload to WordPress, my blogging software & Photoshop appear to be in some sort of unfortunate misunderstanding that I pray resolves itself overnight, and, I’ve fallen asleep at my laptop… twice. All after the day that I MISSED blogging that I’m bummed about, because pain meds & anesthesia owned my life yesterday (no, I don’t have a drug problem & yes, I am okay; excuse the vagueness, I’m jussst over it!) One small bag of Cheetos & one mystery Oreo (Fruity Pebbles cream, if you’re wondering & they’re too sweet, if you’re still wondering) later, I think I can do this with the 17% battery I have left. There will be no pictures today, folks: NOOOO PICTURESSSS.

Instead, let’s talk a little motivation in business. It’s perfect timing.

Dude. When you decide to run your own business and you set goals for yourself, you only have yourself to make sure it happens. You only have yourself to challenge yourself and hold yourself accountable. That is, until you allow others into your circle and you support and encourage them and eventually, you have a mutually beneficial (hopefully) relationship with them where you help to hold each other accountable and not go absolutely insane.

I am so lucky to have these people in my life, starting with Matt. For those of you who are just joining the party: HI, I’m Meli, I’m conducting the crazy train with my husband, Matt, willingly co-piloting. BLESS HIS SOUL! The amount of ideas he has had to hear me spew, tears he’s watched me cry, swear words he’s heard me scream… with the knowledge that there’s only plenty more of it to look forward to… Seriously: bless.

OK WAIT I THINK I’M GETTING OFF TOPIC. Pump the brakes. All that mushy shit ^^ will be for the post when photos choose to upload. For now, I’d like to share with y’all a few motivational tools that you all have access to, because — quite sadly — you do not have access to Matt.

  1. GaryVee aka Gary Vaynerchuk 
    • Looking for a swift kick in the ass delivered with a whole bunch of f-bombs & honesty? Look no further. Mostly, I love him. Sometimes, I wanna punch him. I’ve found from chatting with a lot of my entrepreneurial friends that we all have done the same with him: binge-watched/listened to his YouTube & podcast & then read his books. Now that I’ve done my binging, I go back every once in a while when I’m feeling like I need some honest-to-goodness fire-starting. I’m currently reading Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook. What have I learned most from him? Self-awareness, gratitude & patience are everything. I could not agree more.
  2. Strengths Finder
    • No affiliate link here, friends. Just obsessed with this assessment. If you like Meyers-Briggs or any kind of personality test and learning more about yourself… Just do it. It’s under $20, you get an access code, you spend no more than 90 minutes taking a test & you get some seriously interesting information. I’ve taken the test 6 times over the course of the last decade & being able to review my progress, things that have stayed the same (I’m super strategic), and things that change, it’s fascinating. Please just do it & then let’s talk about it. I love it so much.
  3. Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
    • Y’all. This book is the truth. You may recognize Elizabeth’s name from Eat, Pray, Love, as sbe wrote that too, and I loved that, too. But dude, this book is so great. It talks about creativity & ideas & theorizes their origins & discusses how to harness the intrinsic creativity & motivation that we all possess. I’m reading it for the 2nd time now. Do join me. Then, let’s talk about it.

I hope this mini-list of motivation helps somebody out there whose eyes are dry from staring at their computer screen all day & who gets fired up about all the potential there is out there. The exhaustion I feel is real, BUT I feel I get better at balancing & managing it each day. I feel like with the help of the 3 resources above, I am a more reasonable, happy & driven person, and I plan to continue ahead in that direction… Don’t we all wanna?! What resources do YOU love to keep you motivated?

Thanks for reading & mark my words that if the photo uploading situation isn’t rectified by tomorrow, all those swear words I mentioned earlier will be all up on these pages. 🙂