This wedding goes down as one of our most memorable for a few different reasons… The amazing people we met and all the different places they traveled from was one, but it also happened to be the hottest wedding we’ve ever shot. Hottest as in, Iiii’mmm meeellttinnngg (said in the Wicked Witch of the West voice). It was August in southwest Florida… We knew it was going to be hot and humid, but you can’t understand what it is to shoot in that heat until you’re doing it. Here’s a picture of us napping in the parking lot in the AC during a 3-hour break between the ceremony & reception that they planned precisely to keep guests out of the heat:

Soooo, that’s that. But enough about us, let’s talk about the awesomeness that is Emily & Jack, one of the absolute sweetest couples on the planet. Emily is originally from Toronto and Jack is from the UK. I asked how they met, and here’s what Emily said:

“On a Bavarian beer tour! I was living in Paris at the time as an exchange student, Jack living and working in London. My two roommates (and current besties) decided that all three of us should go somewhere over the xmas holidays (Paris wasn’t as festive). I literally Googled: “best place to be in Europe over xmas” and Munich kept popping up because of their amazing markets. So 3 broke girls took a 15 hr bus journey to Munich! Jack was there on a trip with 5 of his childhood friends. We met on Dec. 22, just a few days before xmas.”

How great is that?! They live in Smithers, British Columbia, Canada now with their fur baby/cat child, Sweetie.

Something that we really loved about & connected with about these two is their love of travel. Each table was named after a place they had been together, which is a lot of places, by the way (#goals) and they are all very cool… Sardinia, Italy was the first trip they ever took together, which Emily says holds a special place in their hearts, but about 2 years into their relationship they spent 2.5 months backpacking and volunteering in Sub-Saharan Africa… How cool is that?!! About the Africa trip, Emily said, “I don’t think we’ll ever forget that trip, because I felt like it created a bond that couldn’t be broken. Having only each other in a place we had never been really tested our relationship and made us so much stronger and closer.”

And close they definitely are. It was apparent with every look they gave each other and especially with the group they rounded up. That many great people don’t come together to celebrate mediocre love. They had people travel from all over the world to be there and the energy was unmatched. The party went something like 3 hours later than it was supposed to!! Thankfully, they had DJ Malike as their DJ… our favorite DJ in all the land (ssshhh, don’t tell the other DJs…)… so, keeping the dance floor full was not a problem.

Okay, before the photos… one last quote from Emily that makes us smile… “Jack is truly the love of my life and I don’t think that everyone gets that chance in life – to really find your best friend and lover, all in one! He would say the same 😉 we feel genuinely lucky to have found each other. Don’t get me wrong – shit can be tough and its definitely not always pretty! #seriously hahaha – but we bring out the best in one another.”

We love them.

Enjoy these photos, y’all!! & Happy Anniversary to Emily & Jack!!

^I loooove how her hair looks here!

^ These soaps were soooo gooodddd.