It’s been said that we (humans) have the power to manifest things into existence. This would be a really nice skill to have honed when I’m craving ice cream, but until I figure that out, I’ll take what I can get… The best example I have thus far is THIS FREAKING WEDDING! Listen up…

Back in maybe December/January, I met this awesome powerhouse of a woman named Colby. We have some mutual friends and we meet monthly to talk about the self-employed life. The first time I met her, I told her that Matt and I were dying to shoot a wedding in Asheville, NC. We loooove North Carolina. We have a house in Charlotte and, ideally, it’d be cool to shoot in North Carolina with some consistency. & some of our best friends lives in Raleigh, so, we’ve pretty much got the whole state covered.

Anyway, a few weeks after meeting Colby, I got a phone call from Christy. Christy is good friends with Colby & Colby had recommended us to Christy for her wedding in… obviously… Asheville! There were so many reasons to be excited:

  1. Asheville!
  2. Wedding in Asheville!
  3. We had been recommended to shoot said wedding in Asheville!
  4. Christy and I got along super well on the phone and I could already tell that she & Sean were a perfect fit for us.

I immediately called Matt and told him all of the above things. About a week later, we had confirmed everything and… did I mention we were so so excited!?

Christy & Sean had a short engagement; It was just under 5 months from when they got in touch with us to the wedding. We had an awesome time during their engagement shoot in Naples; a little beach and a little swamp, and June was upon us before we knew it.

The wedding was at the North Carolina Arboretum and the reception was at the Highland Brewing Company. The Arboretum was so beautiful & lush, while the Brewing Company was rustic, yet elegant. The day came together so wonderfully and we were pretty much in heaven the whole time. The most awesome group of vendors came together to make this day happen (see the list below!)

Some things to note: Christy was walked down the aisle by her sons, Aidan & Brendan, which was so sweet… There was a bit of a SNAFU with her veil upon arrival at the altar, which made for some pretty great photos and a funny memory, and her dances with both of her sons and her Dad all made me cry… Soooo, yup. Oh, and the company these two keep is fantastic and hilarious… There was laughter all day, which is our kinda day.

Christy & Sean, we couldn’t be happier for you two. Thanks for choosing us to document this journey with you… It was the best.

&& without further ado… Check out how the day unfolded, y’all!

Ceremony Venue: NC Arboretum
Reception Venue: Highland Brewing Company
Wedding planner & Florals: Michelle & Emily with Party Envy
Rentals: Classic Event Rentals
Catering: The Colorful Palate
Wedding Cake: Cakes by Gray
Desserts/Favors: Fifty/50 the Art of Dessert
Ceremony & Cocktail Hour Trio: Karin Lyle Trio
DJ: A Bride’s DJ
Hair/Makeup: Zhenya Lazarchuk

^^ This was such a sweet moment: Snappchatting a pic of his beautiful mom. Within seconds, “Mom, 3 people who don’t even know you have already said how beautiful you are.” <333

^^ Their friend Meg sang a song for them. <3