Today’s gratitude is all for Boston!! If we’re being technical, it’s actually my (Meli’s) first home and it will forever have my heart, but it is Neubek Photographers’ second home. Our ultimate goal is to spend 3-4 months out of the year up there, most summer and one of those being October — FALL IS THE BEST!

So, we’ve been doing that little-by-little over the last few years, every year meeting more & new awesome people.  I’ve compiled a handful of families from my last visit in October. Matt can’t always join me, unfortunately, and the FIRST question I always get asked is, “Where’s Matt!?!?” & I’m always like, “AM I NOT ENOUGH!?” I meeeeannn…

This past October I also shot a rad engagement session, which you can find HERE because I couldn’t wait to blog it earlier in the year. 🙂

If you’re sitting in the freezing cold wishing it were still fall, or if you’re a transplant like me, sitting in the heat somewhere, wishing it were fall… I hope these photos transport you to a breezy New England fall day. There’s nothing quite like it. 😀

Lindsey, Peter, Jack & Teagan

Thanks to a friend who I went to photography school with, actually (fun fact!), I’ve had the opportunity to shoot this family since Jack was just a little guy — 2, I think. I believe this is our 3rd shoot together and it’s the best to watch the kids grow each year & catch up with Lindsey & Peter. <3

Janelle, Caleb & Dean

Janelle is one of my oldest & best friends. Her son, Caleb, is pretty much my nephew, let’s be honest. LOVE them to death. This is the 2nd time I’ve gotten to shoot them & it was the most fun.

^^Had to throw these in for funsies. Dean did a nice job taking these shots! I think Janelle took the one of me & Caleb… Either way, they’re all great; I’m almost never IN the pics!

Julie & Xavier (X)

Julie & I went to photography school together. She’s one of my favorite humans & now her son, Xavier, is too. LOOK AT HIM — I JUST WANNA SNUGGLE HIM! We talked about doing this shoot for a while before actually making it happen, but I’m so glad I did; like me, Jules doesn’t usually have the pics taken of her; check her work out here!!

^^I FREAKING love this image. A bit darker than I usually edit, but I think it made it kind of moody & just beautiful.

^^Selfie with the d-slr!!! Not easy, BTW!

Terrence, Lili & Samuel

THIS shoot was worth the wait! Lili & I had planned it months prior & it fell thru, but it worked out this time around and it was so wonderful. I’ve known Terry foreeever; he used to work with my brother at Best Buy eons ago and we have a ton of mutual friends. I hadn’t seen either him nor Lili since I had moved to Florida 5 years ago though, so to see them after so much time and meet their awesome son, was the best.


^^Samuel snapped this one!

^^So sassy.

Chris, Tiff, Oliver & Lyla

New friends!! We met Chris while working a wedding just this past July in New Hampshire; he’s a super talented musician — check out his company here. And we knew we were gonna be friends instantly! Tiff is so great and their kids have some awesome personalities; no doubt you’ll be able to tell as you scroll through. 🙂

^^lololol makes me laugh every time.

Hope you enjoyed!!