I was on the struggle bus for a while this morning trying to decide what the correct title would be for this post… I can’t say I’m totally confident that I landed on the best choice, BUT ain’t nobody got time to keep messing with it, SO, I’ll explain:

When people ask me, Meli (for those who are new — hi!), how Matt and I started shooting together I always tell the same story: when we started dating, I learned he was a talented hobbyist photographer, so I suggested we shoot a wedding together to see how it goes, and we did, and it went swimmingly. So swimmingly, that when I was going thru the images after, I couldn’t tell who had taken what photo, which is when I realized: WE HAVE THE SAME EYEBALLS. That’s not entirely true, because I’m almost blind & he’s not, but our artistic eyeballs are the same. How freaking cool is that? It felt like we were just supposed to do this thing together.

So, that’s why we’re grateful for our eyes, but why Chicago & Yelp!? Well, they helped make this post possible and bring the whole eyeball thing full circle… Below are 2 different shoots. 2 different awesome young families with a new baby, both from Chicago, both found us on Yelp the week prior to their shoot, both were staying at the same hotel, one of these was shot by Matt and one was shot by me. Which is which?

Matt does shoots without me sometimes, but I always do all of our editing. It’s fun for me to “get to know” a family thru photos & then hearing Matt’s stories about how it went. I thought this was a cool way to prove our eyeballs are the same & show off some pretty pics. SO, what do y’all think? Who shot which!?!?

Fam Uno

^^Sergey is a drummer, so he takes Nathan’s hands and pretends he’s drumming and it is the cutest thing.

^^Since it was their 10-year anniversary, they asked for a photo that still incorporated Nathan, but that was more focused on them. 🙂


Fam Dos

^^ The Gingerbread House at the Ritz-Carlton, Naples, if you didn’t know.

^^that hair & smile though!?

^^Such adoration for his Mom; it melts my heart!

<3 Thanks for sticking around. 🙂