You’ve probably heard a photographer or 2 or 7 say that they’re storytellers. It might sound cliché now, but it is the truth. We are storytellers, and the camera is our pen. And for this, we are grateful.

One of the most fun things for us is when we get to work with the same people over the course of a year; a lot can change in a short amount of time!! We’ve compiled here 3 families we’ve worked with multiple times this year: the Lands, the Rigsbys & the Marzuccos. At the beginning of each set of pictures, we’ll share with you a bit of their story. And as always, some fun captions on photos that inspire us to say something additional.

We hope that as you look through others’ stories, you can see how cool it would be to have your story told in the same way… and then you’ll call us and we’ll become the best of friends. 🙂 HAPPY SUNDAY!

The Lands

OKAYY, so, Jon & Matt went to middle school together & Jess & I worked at the same Montessori school together 5 years ago. When Matt & I got together and I realized we lived only 1 street away from Jess & Jon, I was all, “they’re so great; you have to meet them!” & Matt was all, “oh, yeah, I know Jon…” — I say that with the slightest bit of bitterness simply because Naples, Florida is seriously the strangest small town that doesn’t feel that small… Everyone is connected by just a couple degrees of separation, without a doubt. ANYWAY!

We kicked this year off with a sweet maternity shoot (which was actually the 2nd shoot we’ve done with them, as they modeled for us for a kick-ass styled shoot we did last year), thennnn they had their babe, Sadie, and we had an awesome in-home lifestyle/newborn shoot, and finally, just recently did her 4-month shoot! We’re documenting her whole 1st year, so you’ll see more of her soon enough. 😀 <3

^^They’re huge Sox fans. Boston, BABYY!!!!

^What’s better than a silhouette?

^^loool & toes!

^^ Might be my fave.

^^Nothing is actually more perfect than baby toes though!!!

^^Left shot with that sweet drool is Jess’s fave shot; it’s even prominently featured on their Christmas card, which makes us so happy haha

The Rigsbys

Oh, boyyy. Where to start with this gem of a family?! Brian & Natasha are two of the sweetest & most generous humans. When we didn’t have power after hurricane Irma just a few months ago, even though we really only had a photog-client relationship at that point, they welcomed us into their home. So, now they’re stuck with us. 🙂

Originally, they found us when they had just moved to the area and were in need of headshots for their real estate business. So, that’s what these first shots are from & when I officially fell in love with their daughter, Leighla. When Natasha said they would want to get some photos done for Leighla’s 1st birthday later in the year, I was pumped.

So, when we got back in touch to discuss Leighla’s 1st birthday shoot, Natasha had this idea of doing a clean white background in-studio and, while it’s totally not what we normally do, I did go to school for photography to learn a thing or two and be able to shoot in any situation. Also, did I mention I love Leighla? I knew it would be awesome. Matt loves playing with studio lights, too, so it was a super fun project for us & the results were incredible. They’ve got some art hanging in their house to seriously envy!!!

Lastly, they supported the Kunjani Project in the most recent mini sessions we did. (Spoiler: one of these 17 days of gratitude posts will be about those give back minis we do).

RIGSBYS, y’all rock. Thanks for letting us help document your story. 🙂

^^Can you deal? Between the bow on her and the cheeks in the middle shot, I’m dead.

^^last-minute thought to pick up these flowers at Whole Foods before the shoot. I’m always coming up with the clutch ideas. I’m ok with it. 😉


^^She was straight not feelin’ being dressed, so I was like… let her be naked & walk around with her lil’ cart!! These turned into some of our favorites.

^^ So cool to see how she’s grown so much in under a year!! Sweetest face.

The Marzuccos

THIS family! Heart-eyes all around. We were introduced to Josh by way of a magazine that we shoot for called Waterside Neighbors (there will be a post about it later in this gratitude series!) Josh & his daughters, Cassidy & Caydence, were the featured family, so, I always tell the families that we should do something representative of them that will go along well with their story. These 3 are an active family & Josh used to pitch in the minor leagues (did I get that right, Josh!?!), so, in their pretty pink dresses, the girls played some baseball on the beach with Dad & it was one of the most fun shoots I’ve ever done on the beach.

The love these 3 have for each other is contagious. They have so much fun together; the girls adore their Dad and they are his everything. We got along great and a few months later when I told him we would be doing holiday mini sessions benefitting a local non-profit, the Kunjani Project, he said he was all-in. So, we got to shoot them again. Never a dull moment with this crew, as you’ll be able to see.

Lastly, Josh started his own real estate company just a month or so after I met him, so I’ve gotten to watch him start to build his empire, which has been super fun. He asked us to get a group shot of him & his agents at the beach and it came out rad — it’s the last shot in this series.

Thanks for thinking we’re as awesome as we think you are, Josh, Cass & Cayd!! <3

^^The most fun with these two.

^^Slightly obsessed with the slightly blurry b&w of Caydence.

^^Looool, her faces!

^^Caydence. Nice hair.

^^Fiiiire crew!!!