Raise your hand up high if you own a business or work in a field where word-of-mouth referrals make all the difference! I hope most people are raising their hands… New clients who have been referred by existing ones are the best; we count on them to give the newbies at least an idea of how weird/fun we are.

Today’s post is of Sam & Mark’s wedding, which was on October 28th at the Gainey Ranch Golf Club in Scottsdale, Arizona. What were we doing in Arizona, you may ask!? Well, Sam’s Dad, Marc, lives here in Naples, and we did a shoot with him & his family in August of 2016. Back then, he mentioned his eldest daughter was getting married & having seen pictures of how gorgeous she was & having just had the best time with Marc & fam, I knew we HAD to shoot it.

So, it happened. We’re super stoked to share this… It was an amazing day. Sam & Mark have an incredibly fun group of family & friends. This was our first Jewish wedding & we would like to report that the Horah is just as fun as you would think it would be!

We are so grateful that they trusted we were the right photogs for them based on a phone conversation and, primarily, word-of-mouth, obv. And we are forever grateful to Marc and his wife, Danielle, for being such great clients turned friends. We truly left this wedding feeling like part of the family.

Matt & I try to practice gratitude on a daily basis in everything that we do, and the intent of this daily exercise for these last 17 days of the year is to continue to open our eyes to all the wonderful people & things that have made this little business of ours as awesome as it’s been.

A big thanks to ALL of our clients turned friends & anybody who’s ever referred us. Y’all are seriously the best. :-*

The amazing vendors who came together for this shindig were:
Wedding Planner & Florals: Bloom + Blueprint
Hair: Marissa Bartolotta
Makeup: Yolanda Lake
Venue: Gainey Ranch Golf Club
Videography: Esthetics in Motion
Dress: Mariee Bridal
Cake: Lesley’s Creative Cakes
DJ: Got you Covered

OKAY, now enjoy!

^^ She works out. Can you tell? Shout out to Orange Theory Fitness!!

^^ Dad hugs melt my <3

^^ Matching sister tats! Loveeee.

^^Drone fun!!! Before the wedding, Sam told us that her train was everything. She wasn’t kidding; you can prob almost see it from space. lolol.

^^How cool are the flowers down the aisle!?

^^get it, girl.

^^OHH, HEEEYYY!! Here are Danielle & Marc. <3

^^STORY TIME: We always get out there & dance for part of the night, because, well, we can’t control ourselves. You gotta wait to really feel it though & I’ve had the time of my life from Dirty Dancing is one of my all-time faves. Sam’s awesome cousin Jamie (laughing in the pic 2 above) backed up on the dance floor and coaxed me to run into her arms, AS YOU DO. IIIIII was feelin’ it. Little did we know that Marc & Sam had the same plan & Marc & I started our run at the EXACT SAME TIME AND RAN INTO EACH OTHER. I don’t even care if this is more of a you-had-to-be-there moment, guys… I legit sprinted INTO the groom on his wedding night. It’s totally fine.

^^ There was a donut wall and a s’mores bar and cake and cupcakes andddddd…. so much good food.

YAY! <3

Bonus shot of Marc, Danielle & their kids, Nick & Sarah (Sam’s sibs)… this is one of our faves from our shoot with them last year! You can find Nick & Sarah in pics above & see how much they’ve already grown even from just seeing this angle. LOVE IT!