I recently got the idea to close out the year with one blog post for each of the last 17 days of 2017. So, surrounded by the mess that is our living room, with Billy Joel playing in the background & Friends paused on the TV (you never know what kind of inspiration you’ll need), I bring you day 1. Matt and I came up with the topics together and I’m looking forward to telling y’all stories with our photos about things we’re grateful for. Enjoy. 🙂

Day 1 — Below, you’ll find a lifestyle shoot I recently did while visiting one of my oldest and dearest friends, Christy (peep her IG!), in Chicago. For those of you who don’t know, Matt is a full-time instructor at Florida Gulf Coast University, so, unfortunately he couldn’t take time off to join us, but I managed to still have a good time. Christy & I met thanks to Best Buy, where we worked together what feels like a million years ago. Through several moves in life, we’ve always visited each other & it’s always the best.

Christy & Izzy got married on 4.23.16 in Vegas – we maaayyy have taken their photos there, too. 😉 Bonus if you find one of those shots in this post!… Originally, seeing Christy as happy as she is with Izzy made me the most happy. At least I thought so… when I found out she was pregnant, then I was definitely the most happy… I THOUGHT AGAIN! But then, my newest lil’ buddy, Owen, made his appearance & I’m so in love & it’s not possible that I’m not now for sure the most happy.

When I say recently, I literally mean last week, so, it was sliiiightlyy chilly (aka frigid — click here to see me ice skating in rewind on our Instagram), forcing us to hang out at home for the most part; eating, relaxing, working on our laptops (click here to see the cutest assistant ever), having inspirational & motivational conversations – mostly about entrepreneurial things but sometimes about Fantasy football, laughing a lot & all things Owen.

I got so inspired by how beautiful & Pinterest-worthy her home is, that I had to capture it. Next time, I’m prepared to shoot the rest of it, including Izzy’s sick gaming corner with all of the Nintendo games.

I hope scrolling through these, you feel like you get to know this awesome family a bit & secretly hate on Christy for her decorating skills. Come do that to my house, C. We love you guys!!

^^ Enter Kittay >> far right.

^^Google Home ad!? We don’t get paid by them for that link, but we do love our Google Homes.

^^I watched Izzy make this ornament!

Thanks for sticking around. 🙂

<3 Meli